ARTdata links the insight and knowledge of the artist to the practical  experience of a librarian during the development of a digital oeuvre catalogue. Once catalogued the data are available in various selections and outputs. Other aspects of digital collection management, such as registration of conditions, loans, insurance or exhibitions, are simply processed.

Good management while still alive makes the posthumous management, by family, friends or curators, a lot easier. This can also be a reason to consider an inventory of one’s own work as an essential part of professional practice

Artdata offers advice and guidance on this topic. Together with the knowledge and input of the artist, collector or next of kin, this forms a permanent solution for the management of works of art that lasts longer then a lifetime.

The (international) standards for the exchange and permanent accessibility of data serve as a basis. ARTdata provides a ready-made application for independent management. Or it takes the digital management completely off your hands and delivers the output according to your wishes with the information supplied by you.